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Fabricated Products

Sefar has its own clean room assembly facilities and so can easily and efficiently manufacture customer-specific, semi-finished products, such as ribbons, tubes, shapes and pleated elements. The processing is done in a class 7 ISO14644 clean room to ensure compliance with the highest medical needs.

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Sefar has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for producing components to fulfill the most demanding requirements. Customers who partner with Sefar to fabricate their filter element products will benefit from our manufacturing experience and capabilities by letting Sefar fabricate their filter element products. Products that require strict cleanliness control can be fabricated in our class 7 ISO14644 clean room.


Our fabrication capabilities comprise:

Heat slitting

Heated knives are used to produce fabric strips for many applications – from high volume injection molding to diagnostic test strips. Heat-slit mesh edges are melted or fused to increase durability and minimize fraying.

Ultrasonic slitting

Ultrasonic slitting is also used for manufacturing fabric strips and produces a closed edge with very little material build up at the edge.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is used to produce highly precise fabric parts with a heat sealed edge. Fusing the fibers along the edges removes all loose filaments.

Ultrasonic stamping

Ultrasonic stamping is often used for highly precise fabric parts because it ensures tight geometric tolerances for fabrics with mesh openings < 400 microns. Ultrasonically sealed edges are non-fraying and have no edge build-up.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welds are accurate, clean and made without the introduction of secondary materials to the weld area. Precision sleeves and bags for blood filtration are examples of applications that benefit from this technology.


A highly effective way of increasing the filter surface is to pleat the filter itself. To form a pleated element, fabrics are welded, then pleated together and cut to a defined number of pleats. Single and multilayer pleated elements (up to four layers) are possible.


Special handling, packaging, inspection and documentation services ensure the highest standards in product quality and consistency.

Quality control in the clean room

Depending on the fabrication process, filter components fabricated in the clean room are continuously monitored with different testing equipment: 

  •  Laser scanning device for controlling ribbon widths

  •  Tube control device with test mandrels to measure tube diameter

  •  Electronic control device to check dimensional accuracy of two-dimensional fabric parts

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    Pleated Elements

    Our pleated elements are used in a variety of applications and products, such as cardio reservoirs, oxygenators, arterial filters, appliances and industrial filters.

  • FS_FC_Fabricated Products_Ribbons 03


    Our ribbons are used in a multitude of applications such as automotive and aerospace filters, household and electronic devices, diagnostic test strips and perfusion filters.

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    Tape & Dispenser Products

    These fabrics are combined using one or several adhesive layers or a dispenser tape. We provide products for shock absorption and protection against dirt and moisture.

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    Shapes, Stamped Pieces

    Our shapes and stamped pieces are used in a variety of applications in the following industries: automotive, healthcare, industrial appliance and household appliances.

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    Our tubes are used in a variety of applications and products, such as automotive filters, aerospace filters and healthcare filters.