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Sefar Medical Product Lines

SEFAR MEDIFAB® and SEFAR MEDITEX® allow the production of customized parts for use in a wide range of medical applications. Modern production technologies and the highest quality standards guarantee high-quality solutions for use in modern and customer-specific applications.

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Medical precision fabric and membrane solutions

Quality, reliability and innovation are crucial success factors in medical technology. Sefar offers a wide range of precision fabric and membrane solutions for use in various medical applications. The product lines SEFAR MEDIFAB® and SEFAR MEDITEX® meet the constantly increasing requirements for medical applications. Whether for filtration, separation or protection, our fabrics and combinations allow a versatile and efficient usage.


Together with our customers we are focusing on the development of innovative solutions to meet new medical requirements that will inevitable arrive as a results of social-economic change and the shift in the age structure. A global team of Sefar experts supports the R&D departments of customers worldwide. 


Whether as blood filter, diagnostic test strip layer, application for invasive implant, venting system or as filter for infusion set, SEFAR MEDITEX® and SEFAR MEDIFAB® are the solution for numerous applications in medical technology.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in a class 7 cleanroom allow us to fabricate solutions complying with the medical quality standards (ISO 13485).

Thanks to Sefar’s knowledge we understand the best methods to convert the product into customer specific parts.


SEFAR MEDIFAB® solutions are based on woven structures composed of monofilament yarns, typically polyester (PET) and polyamide (PA). The materials are used for medical filtration, diagnostic applications and implantable components. These highly precise and biocompatible filter fabric solutions are known for their high throughput rates and excellent particle retention efficiencies.

quality management is certified to ISO13485

biocompatible: passes all relevant tests of ISO 10993 & USP <88> plastics class VI

double packed to meet the requirement of medical packaging

exceptional lot-to-lot consistency

high throughput rates

EtO- and gamma-sterilizable

FDA, USP, ISO and other international standards and regulations implemented

production following GMP guidelines

state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in a class 7 cleanroom



Sefar created the SEFAR MEDITEX® label, a single brand to unify our specific medical grade fabric lines. All SEFAR MEDITEX® fabrics are carefully produced to ensure they are suitable for use in medical applications. Specialty polymers, special weave constructions and coatings as well as combinations of different fabrics bonded together can be supplied as required.
The product line SEFAR MEDITEX® includes:

SEFAR MEDITEX® – broad range of medical washed fabric

SEFAR MEDITEX® HPL NC – wet chemical coated hydrophilic fabrics

SEFAR MEDITEX® HPL BIO – plasma treated biocompatible hydrophilic fabrics

SEFAR MEDITEX® KNT – knitted multifilament fabrics for medical applications

SEFAR MEDITEX® ACC –multilayer combination of various properties

SEFAR MEDITEX® COL – colored fabrics

SEFAR MEDITEX® PORE – membrane for venting and filtration solutions

SEFAR MEDITEX® FUNC – functional fabric for technical applications


The SEFAR MEDITEX® properties can be adapted to the needs of the customer.

performances similar to SEFAR MEDIFAB®

use of all kind of polymers material possible

different process methods can be applied or combined

multiple application area

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