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Screen printing mesh for the glass industry.
Screen printing on glass is the preferred printing method for decorative and functional applications in automotive glass, glass for the building industry, household glass, also so-called ‘white goods’ and hollow glassware.

PS Sujet Glass
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Function, message, design: Printed glass

Screen printing on glass is a fascinating but also demanding task. What other material is so adaptable and versatile? Precisely because of its great diversity glass requires a practical and efficient printing method for decoration and application of functional elements. Thanks to their high reproducibility and quality, Sefar screen printing meshes give you clear economic advantages. They facilitate and accelerate the production of stencils and optimize the printing process – precisely tailored to your needs and the demanding expectations of your customers. And always including: the expert advice and support of the worldwide Sefar support team.

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© Glass Edition by Hundertwasser / ars mundi

Our offer. Your benefit:

Technology and quality of the world’s leading manufacturer

Wide product range for all requirements from stock

Innovative products providing maximum efficiency

Individual support for your printing projects

Lean, efficient production, in both stencil preparation and the printing process

Sustainability, safety and reliability of supply to the finished printed product

Local, world-wide cooperative partnerships with Sefar’s support teams

Increase the competitiveness of your business

Sheet by sheet flawless – Automotive glass

PS Glass Automotive01

Heating conductors

Type labeling

Edge masking


Sefar screen printing mesh offers the entire product spectrum needed for printing automotive glass, precisely matched to your needs. With SEFAR PCF your antennas are guaranteed a good reception. Put yourself at the front of the market by producing high volumes having impeccable quality: And by so doing, achieve the goal of sustainable market success.

Worth seeing and durable – Construction glass

PS Glass_Construction


Heat insulation

Protection from birds



Non-slip treatment

Outside attractive and durable; indoors decorative and functional. Or vice versa. Whatever your customers want to create using building glass – and no matter how small or large it is:

With Sefar screen printing mesh you can print on all architectural glass of all sizes. This is especially useful when printing is wanted on glass having larger-than-usual widths. You also have greater efficiency to be able to print with outstanding quality on glass.

At home in any kitchen – Home applicance glass

PS Glass Home-appliance

Glass-ceramic hob marking

Edge masking

Control panels



Home appliance glass: Every day it is repeatedly exposed to heavy use. For brilliant quality – even after many years of use – reliable Sefar screen printing meshes ensure functional and highly durable decorations. SEFAR PCF for the easiest and fastest stencil-making process for decorating glass-ceramic stovetops in an unbeatable print quality, or highly accurate medium coarse range of meshes for oven doors and control panels.

SEFAR PET 1500 delivers razor-sharp detail when the finest decorative structures are required on glass.

Sometimes nice, sometimes useful, often both – Hollow ware glass

PS Glass Hollow-ware




Sefar offers an ideal range of screen printing mesh for hollow ware glass. Thanks to SEFAR PCF, the durable stencil system and UV glass inks, which do lead insignificant to stencil abrasion, extremely high print runs can be attained. The printing has an unprecedented brilliance and detail sharpness. SEFAR PCF can be easily disposed after use in household waste. The UV inks are cadmium-free and do not need to be burned at high temperatures. This is good news for your environmental and energy balance.

By the way, the fulfillment of government regulations regarding food and packaging are already part of the described solution. Use SEFAR PCF with UV glass inks as a perfect trouble-free package to overcome your challenges in printing of hollow ware glass.


SEFAR PET 1500 – The screen printing mesh professionals use

PS PET 1500 Mesh 01

SEFAR PET 1500 is the best stencil carrier for an almost infinite number of screen printing applications – the most wanted for decoration of any printable substrate.
SEFAR PET 1500 is available in the largest range of different screen printing mesh types.

SEFAR PCF – Expose, develop, dry – print


SEFAR PCF, ready-made print forms in constant top quality. SEFAR PCF is the innovative, unique pre-coated screen printing mesh for industrial screen printing and ensures superior print quality and efficiency. This innovative screen printing breakthrough is clean, space saving and environmental friendly.

SEFAR GLASSLINE – The champion for the print on glass


SEFAR GLASSLINE, the wide range of medium-weight screen printing meshes for industrial screen printing on glass. The properties of SEFAR GLASSLINE are tailored to the needs of the glass industry. The precise mesh geometry, low elongation, high tear strength and first-class stencil adhesion guarantee lean stencil production and flawless print quality.


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