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PS Sujet Electronics_Membrane switches
PS Sujet Electronics_Membrane switches
PS Electronics_Membrane switches2
PS Electronics_Dials

Membrane Switches and Dials

Screen printing mesh for the electronic industry.
Perfect fabrics for new stencil standards in industrial environments and impressive print results.

PS Sujet Electronics_Membrane switches
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PS Sujet Electronics_Membrane switches
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PS Electronics_Membrane switches2
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PS Electronics_Dials
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Performance, innovation, reliability: Printing in the electronic industry

Membrane switches and dials for the automotive industry have two equally-important needs: precise color reproduction and excellent print-quality are crucial for success.

Most of the products are printed using a multiple image production process. Therefore low elongation screen printing mesh having superior dimensional stability is required.


PS Electronics_Membrane switches h

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Our offer. Your benefit:

Technology and quality of the world’s leading manufacturer

Wide product range for all requirements from stock

Innovative products providing maximum efficiency

Individual support for your printing projects

Lean, efficient production, in both stencil preparation and the printing process

Sustainability, safety and reliability of supply to the finished printed product

Local, world-wide cooperative partnerships with Sefar’s support teams

Increase the competitiveness of your business

Constantly under pressure – Membrane switches and keypads

PS Electronics_Membrane switches2

Functional layers

Conductor paths

Adhesive printing

Communication interface

Keypads are in constant use every day, must withstand a lot of physical punishment and still look good and perform well. In addition, inscriptions such as signs, labels and numbers must remain clearly visible for years. For both graphical and functional elements: By using Sefar screen printing mesh you can produce membrane switches and keypads with the highest, consistent quality. Recommended: SEFAR PME and SEFAR PET 1500.

Form follows function – Dials

PS Electronics_Dials

Solid color

Translucent ink

Metallic and fluorescent



As motorists, our eyes are mainly focused on the road but we must also be constantly aware of our speed, and thus we also look often at our tachometer. SEFAR PME and SEFAR PET 1500 screen printing mesh properties allow the precise and efficient production of easy-to-read tachometer dials so that we are able to keep our eyes on the road but easily and continuously be aware of our speed and remain accident free.

SEFAR PME – The best performing screen printing mesh


SEFAR PME is the screen printing mesh for use in the industrial environment. It is based on an innovative, high modulus polyester yarn developed by Sefar having extraordinary tensile strength combined with very low and evenly-balanced elongation. SEFAR PME sets new standards in the stencil making process. Its quality printing results are hugely impress- sive in the most demanding and innovative printing applications.

SEFAR PET 1500 – The screen printing mesh professionals use

PS PET 1500 Mesh 01

SEFAR PET 1500 is the best stencil carrier for an almost infinite number of screen printing applications – the most wanted for decoration of any printable substrate. SEFAR PET 1500 is available in the largest range of different screen printing mesh types.


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