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Mesh for medical applications with special needs and functionality.

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SEFAR MEDITEX, a single brand to unify our specific medical grade fabric lines. All SEFAR MEDITEX fabrics are carefully produced to ensure they are suitable to use in diagnostic testing and other medical applications. SEFAR MEDITEX properties can be adapted to the needs of the customer. Specialty polymers, special weave constructions, coatings as well as combinations of different fabrics and membranes bonded together can be supplied as required.



Hydrophilic fabrics for diagnostic applications

SEFAR MEDITEX HPL NC adds a hydrophilic surface to polyester and polyamide fabrics. This treatment allows for unrivaled wicking and spreading properties. Liquids flow through at a quicker rate. Furthermore, this fabric has an excellent shelf life.

Suitable applications for this line include diagnostics and other fluid-management applications.


Knitted multifilament fabrics for medical applications

The need in some medical applications for structural elasticity and softness triggered the development of biocompatible knitted fabric in the SEFAR MEDITEX KNT product line. Furthermore, these materials have a different touch from monofilament fabrics together with a new visual effect.


Multilayer combination of various properties

The unique multi-layer products of the SEFAR MEDITEX ACC line are manufactured by bonding different media. This bonding of complementary media allows different media properties to be combined in one material.


Medical colored fabrics

The SEFAR MEDITEX COL product line comprises healthcare fabrics that are colored to meet the requirements of specific applications. Benefits of colored fabrics include corporate identity color, improved process automation, better identification of filter residues, and differentiation of fabrics by color.


Membrane based solutions for venting and micro particle filtration

The SEFAR MEDITEX PORE range includes a wide selection of single or multilayer membrane for applications such as transducer protection, blood catcher, spiking and transfer devices, intravenous infusion sets, pharmaceutical containers, nasal and eye spray containers.

Sefar offers the widest available selection of materials in many different weave types and fabrications. 

Your Benefits depending on the product

The main advantages of Sefar products include:

Precise fabric dimensions

Homogeneous material properties

Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency

Defined surface characteristics

High throughput rates

Membranes with outranging airflow and hydrohead

Excellent particle retention efficiencies

Unrivaled two-dimensional stability

Superior sterilization stability

Non-shedding due to monofilament yarn (mesh)

High wicking rates due to specific weave constructions

High wettability due to hydrophilic surface coatings

Processed on a dedicated medical line


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