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Modular construction and assembly concepts for textile surfaces having light and acoustic absorption properties.

AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Zurich Airport 01b
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AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Audi handover area 03
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AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Folkwang Museum 03
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Its patented unobtrusive frame makes this an attractive element for use in providing improved quality of artificial and natural lighting, with acoustic properties. New design preferences for using illuminated textile surfaces open up a wide range of innovative applications for architects, lighting and general interior designers. Shortcomings of other factors – for example, poor functionality or climatic deficiencies – can be compensated for by well-designed lighting and sound ambiences.


Adjustable, highly translucent ceiling and wall units, lamps and ceiling panels. Acoustic ceilings, diverse membrane structures and facade concepts.


Full access to the plenum by local maintenance staff. The thinnest of joint-lines are virtually shadow-free, providing uniform light distribution. Durable, color-fast, wrinkle-free stretched-membrane is VOC free and Fire rated. Modules and 2-ply which are dustproof and also act as sound absorbers.


  • AS_Architecture_LIGHTFRAME_Amon-Carter-Museum01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, US

    Lightframe – the acoustics improving fabric ceiling system.

    Reference: Amon Carter Museum
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_Nissan_dealership01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Nissan Dealership, Toronto, CA

    Car show room illuminated with SEFAR LIGHTFRAME fabric.

    Reference: Nissan Dealership
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_Jacobs-offices 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Jacobs Architects Office, Dallas (TX), US

    Meetings with clients happen in their conference rooms featuring the SEFAR LIGHTFRAME fabric ceiling system.

    Reference: Jacobs Architects Office
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_Moynihan_train_station 03pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Moynihan Train Station, New York, US

    SEFAR LIGHTFRAME illuminates this elegant, underground walkway of New York’s Penn Station terminal while providing a significant reduction in noise.

    Reference: Moynihan Train StationAdditional information
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_University-of-California 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    University of California, Berkeley, US

    The Lightframe modules provide lighting as well as the acoustic elements within the space.

    Reference: University of California
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_Media Math 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Media Math Headquarters, New York, US

    Inspired by a skylight, the scrim is backlit with LEDs to give the impression that there’s light coming from above.

    Reference: Media Math Headquarters
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_Tate-Gallery 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Tate Gallery of Modern Art, London, UK

    Homogeneous light ceiling with light metal frame

    Reference: Tate Gallery of Modern Art
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_Havenwood 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Elevator lobby Havenwood Office, Woodlands, US

    The SEFAR LIGHTFRAME system graces the lobby which is surrounded by noisy hard surfaces.

    Reference: Elevator lobby Havenwood Office
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Museum of Art, Chur 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Grisons Museum of Fine Arts, Chur, CH

    The ceilings of the exhibition rooms in the subterranean levels are fitted with SEFAR LIGHTFRAME.

    Reference: Grisons Museum of Fine Art
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Audi Freehold 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Audi Freehold, New York, US

    In the vehicle handover area at the new Audi Freehold dealership, customers pick up their vehicles with style in a room illuminated by SEFAR LIGHTFRAME wall and ceiling panels.

    Reference: Audi Freehold, NYC
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_University Library 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    University Library Renovation, Austin, US

    When renovating and building onto an existing library at St. Edwards University, the architect designed a cohesive, elegant interior with help from SEFAR LIGHTFRAME.

    Reference: University Library
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_SKBank04pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Luminous ceiling in the bank entrance area, Schaffhausen, CH

    Young, fresh, and dynamic is once again the impression customers get when they arrive in the large, bright hall at the headquarters of the Schaffhausen Cantonal Bank in Switzerland. The innovative architectural solution gives the impression of an open sky.

    Reference: Luminous ceiling
  • AS_Architecture_Systems_Ceiling Gallery Kassel 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Gallery daylight ceiling, Kassel, DE

    The top floor of the new Kassel Gallery is now much more attractive with the addition of a modern skylight.

    Reference: Gallery daylight ceiling
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_NYC-City-Hotel 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Historic New York City Hotel, NY, US

    The iconic Milford Plaza Hotel remains one of Manhattan’s largest hotels, and now includes an internet café and coffee shop adorned with an illuminated fabric wall backdrop using SEFAR LIGHTFRAME.

    Reference: New York City HotelAdditional picture material
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_Medline officepinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Medline Office Building, Pune, India

    New office building in India with SEFAR LIGHTFRAME illumination.

    Reference: Medline office building
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Audi handover area 04pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Audi Vehicle Handover Area, New York, US

    In the vehicle handover area at the new Audi Manhattan, customers pick up their vehicles with style in a room illuminated by SEFAR LIGHTFRAME wall and ceiling panels.

    Reference: Audi vehicle handover areaAdditional picture material
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Acrevis Bank 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    acrevis Bank – Shadowless Light, Gossau, CH

    Bright meeting rooms in the customer lobby of acrevis Bank thanks to the light-acoustic membrane ceiling.

    Reference: Customer lobby acrevis Bank
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_House of Art 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    SEFAR LIGHTFRAME in the Art House, Uri, CH

    To ensure the visible qualities of the artwork in the museum are optimized, the right lighting conditions are extremely important. Since works of art illuminated by natural light appear very authentic, illumination by skylight has been chosen, reducing the design to three large, illuminated ceiling panels with Sefar fabrics.

    Reference: House of art
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Folkwang Museum 04pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Light ceiling for the museum Folkwang, Essen, DE

    Interior illumination in museums is of central importance.
    SEFAR LIGHTFRAME ceilings fulfill these requirements.

    Reference: Light ceiling museum Folkwang
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Krapf Lichtsegel 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Office space extension, Engelburg, CH

    In addition to the suspended fluorescent tube lighting system Krapf has provided dimmable and diffusely illuminated light panel.

    Reference: Office space extension
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_City Park Pavilionpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    City Park Pavilion, St. Gallen, CH

    To improve the unsatisfactory acoustic situation in the City Park Pavilion, the light canopy is designed to 'float' in a seamless way over the room with virtually invisible suspension cables.
    The suspended ceiling within in a circumferential frame, set back from the wall, reduces the appearance of the fabric surface enabling the ceiling, manufac- tured as a module, to float.

    Reference: City Park Pavilion
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Automobile Centerpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Automobile Service Center, Frankfurt, DE

    The entrance hall is illuminated by natural light via a front glass facade and by artificial light via an architectonically diverse ceiling structure material. Sixteen square SEFAR LIGHTFRAME modules, covered with photometric Sefar hi-tech fabric, achieve a standard of illumination not possible with other materials. No shadows are cast by the patented modular frame solution, which integrates almost seamlessly into the ceiling structure.

    Reference: Automobile Service Cente
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Light ceiling for forecourt and foyer of the FBC office tower, Frankfurt, DE

    The special horizontal light canopy of the FBC building makes an immediate and lasting impression. The continuous light ceiling covers the entrance of the glass-fronted Café-Pavillon and carries on over the foyer.

    Reference: FBC Tower, Frankfurt
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Zurich Airport 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Light ceiling Unique Zurich airport, CH

    The airport shopping concourse at the airport covers a surface area of 300 m². With this light ceiling, the look of a real sky can be simulated through innovative optical variations.

    Reference: Unique Zurich Airport
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Office lighting 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Office lighting using a light-ceiling

    The renovation of their newly-moved-into offices in an already-existing building involved finding a solution for the illumination of the work-area for Just/Burgeff.

  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Light cube Hotel 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Light cubes for hotel suites, La Punt, CH

    The renovated hotel suites have a very special atmosphere achieved by the lighting units constructed using the SEFAR LIGHTFRAME system.

    Reference: Hotel light cubes
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Caratsch gallery 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Light ceiling – Caratsch Gallery exhibition area, Zurich, CH

    Lighting for art-galleries giving good quality illumination in daylight and artificial light and designed to be minimally obtrusive. It is also easy to adjust for changing require- ments, has a small energy demand and allows the works of art (pictures, sculptures and installations) to be seen at their best and in their true colors.

    Reference: Light ceiling
  • AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Raiffeisen ceilingpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Raiffeisenbank St. Margrethen, CH

    This well-lit central section with its glazed ceiling also illuminates the counter-hall with daylight by the means of glass building blocks.

    Reference: Raiffeisenbank
  • AS_Architecture_Lightframe_DEGI office design 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    DEGI office area redesign, Frankfurt, DE

    Open-plan floor design with communication areas, lluminated by light-panels made using fabric also having acoustic properties, where colleagues can meet and informally exchange ideas and information.

    Reference: Office area redesign
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Acoustic light systempinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Acoustic light system – Company head office, Heiden, CH

    The use in modern architecture of built-in vertical lighting modules that also have acoustic properties have a positive effect in creating a pleasant working climate.

    Reference: Acoustic light system

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